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Easy to use products which assist you with creating fresh and nourishing produce from your very own home garden.


Sustainable products that make the heart of your home more eco friendly and help facilitate zero waste.


Plant-based products with biodegradable packaging which enhance your natural beauty.

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The flies stayed away! I brought 3 to help keep the flies away from the Christmas meal. They worked perfectly. These neat gadgets have a soft blade that won’t hurt little hands yet are very effective in keeping flies away from food as you serve it.

– Toni G Jan 2020

Amazing product! I tried growing sprouts in a bottle without success until I found this sprout bag. It works like a dream. I had beautiful sprouts within 3 days with no sogginess. I highly recommend this product!

– Anelda O February 2020

Loving these pegs. I leave them out overnight and in Cape Town weather they have no deterioration. Since using them, I’ve thrown out several plastic and wood pegs which keep breaking.

– Jacqui W January 2020

Best earbuds on the market! Plastic free, does not bend and cotton doesn’t come loose. Plus the whole product is 100% biodegrade.

– Mirka February 2021

This is great floss, so pleased to find an eco-friendly option and the packaging is very cute and minimalist.

– Claire March 2021

It is such a pleasure to always have fresh herbs on hand right in my kitchen and the best part is not having to remember to water them. I just love this product and having fresh ingredient all the time.

– Adele March 2017

Love having fresh herbs with gorgeous flavours immediately accessible all the time – it makes cooking such a joy! I will be ordering more of this genius product!

– Sandy – March 2017

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