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Sustainable kitchen accessories for your home.  Our products make it easy to say no to plastic. Make your eco-friendly home swaps today.


Easy to use home products. Make fresh, nourishing meals with ingredients grown in your very own garden.

Personal Care

Zero waste personal care products. 100% biodegradable packaging. Enhance your natural beauty while conserving the environment.

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Embrace the scraps: Making Zero waste vegetable stock.

Vegetable stock is a staple ingredient in kitchens around the world. It adds depth and flavour to countless dishes, from soups and risottos to sauces and stews. However, most store-bought stocks come in plastic cartons, contributing to environmental waste. Moreover, they often contain unwanted additives, preservatives, and high sodium content. But fear not, fellow home

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Peter EastwoodPeter Eastwood
16:21 27 Jan 23
Thank you for my Composter. I absolutely love it. I was so impressed I brought another one for our place in Hoedspruit. In about 5 hours it turns our food waste, that would have rotted, into dry pre compost that I just through on the garden. It is so convenient and doesn't cause any problems with flies, rats or baboons. It works way better than I ever expected.
Helen McGinnHelen McGinn
14:57 30 Nov 22
i really love my small hydroponic garden. have grown all sorts of things successfully including 6 erythrina lysistemon which are now in large pots. Customer service is definitely 5 star. I thought my light bulb had blown and reached out to Kerry who immediatly couriered me a replacement. In fact it was the adaptor but all sorted now. one very happy customer. would definitely recommend
Marlyn D'SaMarlyn D'Sa
07:39 05 Nov 22
Just love the choice of wonderful 'feel good' products. I have been delighted over the years with everything either purchased or received as a gift. I would highly recommend Microgarden.
Lisa SwartzLisa Swartz
12:49 04 Nov 22
What a great brand to be associated with. They have amazing goals and are looking to make the world a better place through sustainable home products. I would highly recommend any family to invest in these products.
tessa wolhutertessa wolhuter
09:34 03 Nov 22
I can highly recommend Microgarden's products - they are top quality! I have never been disappointed by anything purchased from Microgarden. Everything is practical, sustainable and aesthetic.This brand really makes eco-friendly living easy!

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