About Microgarden

Who we are

Microgarden is a South African wholesaler, who specialise in sourcing top quality sustainable products. We are strongly committed to the Sustainable Development Goals in particular number 12, which is responsible consumption and production. We are looking for experts in retail to sell our products to conscious consumers. Microgarden would love to collaborate with like-minded businesses who share our vision of making the planet greener, one product at a time.

Our Top Purpose

Microgarden’s top purpose is responsible consumption and production. We encourage waste reduction by providing eco – friendly alternatives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create sustainable cities and communities with thriving animals on land and below water. We believe this can be achieved through global communities working together for the benefit of all. While one observes this beautiful world that we live in, the imbalance of all things becomes disturbingly clear. We need to work together on a global level to ensure the wonder and magic of the world continues for generations to come.

Our Mission

To have an extensive range of Zero Waste products by the year 2025. To be selling our products together with like minded businesses throughout the African continent, making a significant impact in the reduction of plastic waste. My husband and I had both been running our respective businesses for about 20 years and felt we needed a change. I have always had an almost compelling need to live a minimalist life. I have never been one for excess and I can’t stand waste of any sort.

Our Global Goal

I stumbled upon the United Nations Global Goals one day and realised I resonated strongly with Goal 12. The United Nation Global Goals are all about people working together globally to try make these goals possible by the year 2030. Therefore, it made sense to create a business that would assist Goal 12 becoming a reality. Microgarden’s very first product was our Grow Bag and we have grown from there. We now have almost 30 products and hope to grow that significantly by 2025.

Our Core Values


Our mission is to preserve the planet and make it a greener world for future generations. We love our natural environment and aim to inspire as many people as possible to make conscious choices with our planet in mind.


Microgarden is a family owned business whereby each family member is passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle and does their part in supporting Microgarden’s vision.


Microgarden would love to collaborate with like-minded businesses and individuals who share our vision of making the planet greener, one product at a time. In order to have a greater positive impact on our world.


The true essence of life is equilibrium. Let’s work together in finding our internal equilibrium so that we can mirror that out into the external world.


All living beings should be able to express themselves fully, this can only happen when the natural environment is in harmony.

The Charity We Support


A NPO working to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards through reforestation, urban greening, sustainable development, and environmental art projects across Sub- Saharan Africa. As we are not able to purchase and manufacture all our products locally we feel that by supporting Greenpop, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to plant trees, we are able to cancel out a proportion of our carbon footprint generated through our company imports. As our business grows we hope to support and get even more involved with Greenpop in the future.

Where are our products made?

In an ideal world I would love to say all our products are produced locally but we understand that this is not possible. When deciding to add a new product to our range we first search domestically for suppliers to manufacture our products but invariably find that the machinery needed is not available. Regardless of where the product is sourced, we always make sure that it is done so in the most ethical manner possible.

Being global citizens, we believe in the importance of distributing jobs in communities near and far. We will however strive to keep a healthy balance between locally and internationally produced products.

To help neutralize the carbon footprint of our international shipments, we have teamed up with Greenpop and donate towards tree planting every month.

We believe that the most impactful thing consumers can do is to buy less, and when they do buy, to purchase consciously.

Meet Kerry

Hello everyone, I am the founder of Microgarden. I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town and have a wonderful husband and two incredible daughters. We have a menagerie of animals, dogs, cats, bunnies, ducks, chickens and our resident squirrels, geese, blue crane and owl. The dynamics in our garden can be quite hilarious! Before starting Microgarden, I ran a fashion company with my sister for 20 years. I was the buyer, so I got to travel quite a bit. It was on one of my buying trips where without realizing it at the time the seed for Microgarden was planted. Travelling to mainland China for the first time put me into a complete decline. I was literally blown away by the sheer volume of people, everywhere one looked – people, throngs and throngs of people. I clearly remember standing at an intersection one day feeling overwhelmed and panicky, thinking to myself, where is all this waste going? The problem felt so incredibly huge, and I felt so small standing there amongst it all. It all felt so beyond me that I kind of just did the Ostrich thing and buried my head in the sand and pretended the problem wasn’t there – I simply wasn’t ready to tackle it. However, I now find myself in a space whereby I am committed to a sustainable lifestyle with minimal waste. Since 2016 my husband and I have been steadily growing Microgarden. Growing a business is not easy, it can be tiring, overwhelming and at times just damn scary! But knowing that I am contributing to the preservation of our world keeps me motivated about the business every day. Our sole aim is to bring you, the consumer high quality practical products that help you make sustainable choices easily. The Microgarden community is working together to reduce single – use plastics, one eco-friendly product at a time.
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