Adjusting to a Sustainable Lifestyle

by | Sep 24, 2020

Adjusting to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Who knew that adjusting to a more sustainable lifestyle could happen with so little effort? Most people imagine it to cost a lot of money as they get rid of the things around their home that don’t fit into the ‘eco-friendly’ category and replace them.

Truth is, this adjustment can easily happen over a period of time. Slowly swap out plastic for glass or stainless steel. Then the next month, start working on your very own herb garden. Instead of rushing over to your normal grocery store to buy your fresh produce, do some research on local farmers or individuals who have delicious, organic goods that you need in your everyday life and start supporting them instead. Urban farming is becoming so much more popular, and you’ll be amazed to learn just how beneficial it is to support these farms.

Perhaps it’s just changing out your plastic laundry pegs to Stainless Steel ones that are bound to last you a lifetime. In short, it’s easy to make a conscious effort to make a change in your everyday life – from recycling, composting, buying a handful of fabric bags instead of plastic shopping bags (and actually remembering to take them with you) and stop wasting food.

By following some of the above steps, you’ll quickly learn just how simple this adjustment will be for you. And not only will it save you money in the long run, it will also make you feel good about the impact you are making to the environment.

Here are some links to help you make these easy changes:

  1. ‘Swap out plastic for glass or stainless steel’ –
  2. ‘Start on your own herb garden’ –
  3. ‘Urban farming’ –
  4. ‘Changing out your plastic laundry pegs for Stainless Steel ones’ –

If you have any other tips and advice on easy to implement sustainable lifestyle changes, please comment below and let the Microgarden community know!

With love and encouragement

Kerry Engelen

Reduce | Reuse | Recycle | Repurpose

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