Air Plants – A Breath of Fresh Air !

by | May 12, 2022

Air Plants are simple yet versatile .They have to be the easiest plant to look after. All they need is good light , air and a spritz from time to time.

Perfect for those who don’t have green fingers….like me !

Yip its true I do not have green fingers 🙈 , thankfully 🙏🏻 my husband does ❤️

Get creative with Air Plants !

You can display Air Plants in a number of ways. Our plants come attached to a piece of wood ready to mount on your wall – purchase a few of these and you can create your own unique green wall. Alternatively you can purchase them separately and create your own piece of art – positioning them creatively on a beautiful piece of wood , crystal, interesting stone etc. We also sell little hand crafted wooden blocks that are great for displaying your Air Plant.

Where Can I Purchase Air Plants ?

If you are looking to purchase some of our happy little chaps you can find them on Faithful to Nature as well as on Greenlight. With the click of a button your selection of plants will be delivered to your door !

These Are the Varieties of Air Plants We Stock


The Argentea is home to Cuba and Jamaica. It can be described as a soft silver-leaved plant that enlightens your home with a graceful energy. Its angel-like strands passionately grow as it wishes. Which is the beauty of this Air Plant, you never quite know what it will end up looking like. 


The Ionantha also known as the Sky Plant is the smallest of them all. Although it is smaller than the rest, when in bloom it flowers a vibrant pink purple flower which becomes eye-catching. Dynamite comes in small packages, as they say. It is native to Central America and Mexico. Its elegant arms create almost a perfect circle. However, there is no ‘perfect’ when it comes to the Air Plants as you are never certain which way they may decide to grow, so it creates almost an imperfect circle. 


The Melanocrater grows strong thin leaves giving the impression of spikes, however, this plant could not hurt a fly. It can create dynamic art amongst the softer Air Plants within your home. It will change the colour of its leaves depending on the amount of sunlight it receives. The brighter the sunlight, the deeper the shades of purple and red will be revealed. Less sunlight, it will stay its original colour of a dark or bright green. The colour of this plant does not determine how you are looking after your plant, I am sure you are a great plant mom. All Air Plants are adaptable and will not wither if they do not get as much light as they intended on getting. However, it is important that they have some light, not necessarily direct but they should be placed in a room that receives light during the day.


The Multiflora could be mistaken for the princess of the Air Plants. Its soft whimsical leaves curl and stretch to wherever it pleases. The leaves have a velvety feel to them. What makes this plant so mysterious is that when exposed to high light exposure, its soft green leaves will turn a bright red colour. It certainly turns your head and makes for a great decoration within your home. 


The Caput Medusae looks exactly as it sounds. Other names given, are Octopus Plant and Medusa’s Head. Its mesmerising thick octopus leg like leaves make you question how this plant grows in this way. They come in many different sizes but all bloom the same flaming reddish pink flower from the centre of its heart. It creates an incredible art piece to be placed on a wall within your home. Its velvety feel takes away from the description of looking like Medusa.

Air Plant Benefits

  • Purifies your air
  • Easy to propagate
  • Great for decorating
  • Good for your soul
The beauty of an Air Plant


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