Creating an Eco-friendly Garden Environment

by | Nov 24, 2020

Irrigatia: Solar Automatic Watering System for Rainwater Storage Tanks

This weather responsive irrigation solution uses solar power to pump, feed and water plants from your rainwater tank. It is ideal for creating an eco-friendly garden environment that does not use electricity or paid water. By detecting the weather and altering watering accordingly to the conditions of the season, no water is wasted. Plants receive the precise irrigation they need to thrive without you having to worry about it!

In designing a sustainable garden, there is no need to hoard plastic pots which often snap and break as plants can grow in almost anything. Thus, one should always choose a biodegradable option or try repurposing items you already have in your home. One can use household waste items such as tins, yogurt pots, cups or milk cartons.

Another tip for creating a healthy, self-made, DIY garden is to transform your kitchen waste into compost, using produce such as tea bags, coffee grounds and eggshells. This is an inexpensive and natural process which gives nutrients to the soil to improve plant growth.

In addition, to making your own compost bin, you can also build your own bird box from recycled materials such as wood pieces. Birds and bees play an important role in keeping your garden healthy, by pollinating your plants and protecting them from slugs and snails. You could also create a bird bath from old casserole dishes or serving bowls which will naturally fill from rainwater.

My last tip on how to protect your plants through recycling, reusing and reducing waste is to use your old CD’s and DVSs on a washing line across vegetable patches to prevent bigger birds from raiding and eating your home-grown fruit and veg. This will reflect the light as the sun shines and gently blind their vision.

Please let me know if you have any different ideas in the comment section below. You can even attach pictures from your garden. Now that you have 21days at home, I encourage you to try out some of these ideas! Let’s share and learn together!

To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow.

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