Happy World Recycling Day!

by | Mar 20, 2021

Happy World Recycling Day!

Our planet is our home. If we would like to continue to live here we need to protect her. It is estimated that the annual plastic bag consumption is 500 billion, that is 150 bags per person every year. With the rapid consumption of waste, emissions and carbon dioxide that is produced it is no surprise that this last decade is recorded as the hottest yet.

A brilliant quote by the Global Recycling foundation reads, “we must think again about what we throw away- seeing not waste, but opportunity”. At Microgarden we could not agree more, our entire business model is focused around sourcing and producing the best eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Our latest technique that we have adopted at Microgarden is homemade eco-bricks. Eco-bricks are a brilliant way to restore and use single used plastic in an alternative yet productive way. Although we consciously do not consume large amounts of plastic at home, there are often plastic around certain packaging that we cannot avoid. This is a very easy life hack. What is even better is eco-bricks are used to build homes and form an integral part of the foundation process. Imagine every person used their 150 single use plastic bags and created eco-bricks, we would be saving the environment dramatically and minimizing the landfill waste. Grace, my youngest daughter, has made this project her mission. We will touch base with you all every few months to show you her progress.

The Global Recycling Foundation acknowledges recycling as the ‘seventh Resource’ stating it saves 700 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. That is a remarkable figure, the foundation aims to reach 1 billion by 2030 and we at Microgarden would love to be part of the movement. We encourage you all to be mindful of your consumption, as you can find a suitable and sustainable way to preserve our planet. Join us in building your own Eco-Bricks at home, we would love to see. Saving the planet one Eco-brick at a time!

Have a look at the incredible work the Global Recycling Foundation is doing and join the movement https://www.globalrecyclingday.com/about/.

Encouraging you to love the planet as much as your loved ones,

Kerry Engelen

Reduce | Reuse | Recycle | Repurpose

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