Indoor Herb Gardens provide you with organic, healthy and affordable herbs

Growing and using your indoor herb garden is much healthier than buying dried herbs from the store that have not been sprayed with pesticide chemicals. These plant based foods offer vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. They also provide abundant flavor to any dish. I always have fresh herbs on my windowsill because I use them daily. For people that are not so good at keeping plants alive, herbs in an indoor herb garden are very easy to maintain if placed close to a window to get some sunshine.

Another positive is that indoor herb gardens help purify the air in your home. Rosemary is considered part of the evergreen family which is well known for being great air purifiers. Basil and parsley specifically, are also easily grown indoors and will help purify the air.

The feedback I have received from this product has been very optimistic. One of my clients told me her youngest child, who is three years old loves to water the plants and to smell their wonderful aromas.

Ways to can use fresh organic herbs in your food:

  • Add fresh basil to salads, pasta, or with tomatoes sprinkled with balsamic
  • Throw fresh basil, thyme or oregano in scrambled eggs
  • Add to soups, stews and sauces
  • Top your sandwich with fresh Basil
  • Make pesto with homegrown herbs
  • Top your tacos with fresh cilantro
  • Add mint or basil to green smoothies
  • Add chopped herbs to whole grains
  • Fresh dill on salmon tastes amazing

If you want fresh herbs all year round, give it a try. Add healthy ingredients into your diet and save money.

You can purchase your own indoor herb garden, which is available for delivery here:–garden-info.html We have a full video showing you how to use it and set it up, filmed at our home by my daughter.

The greatest wealth is health.

By Kerry Engelen, founder of Microgarden


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