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Sprout Bag-Re-Usable

Grow your own sprouts. Ready to harvest in 3-5 days Fresh,healthy & nutritious NO SOIL IS NEEDED IN ORDER TO GROW SPROUTS. ALL YOU NEED IS THE BAG AND YOUR SEEDS Sprouting Instructions included. Why Sprout ? Sprouts are healthier and easier to digest than beans themselves. Sprouts contain higher quality and concentrations of vitamins and minerals than beans. Home sprouting is super economical When are Sprouts ready ? The average sprouting duration’s 3-5 days , depending on the bean type. The beans become sprouts as soon as a small root emerges. If you want longer sprout , just leave the beans in the bag for more time and make sure to keep the bag wet. What can you Sprout in a bag ? Sprout any whole bean . Legumes and grains recommended for sprouting are : mung beans , black lentils, chickpeas ,all type of beans ,spelt and more.

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