South African Décor and Design 2023 The Buyers’ Guide

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Far from passé, print is back bigger and better than ever before.

Or certainly, that is the case with the brand-new, relaunched South African Décor and Design The Buyers’ Guide.

South African Décor and Design reintroduced the print edition of their much-loved The Buyers’ Guide this year due to market demand.

Now in its 25th year, this year marks not only the quarter century of the publication but also a new reimagined size and format.

Due to popular demand from the industry, the new printed version of The Buyers’ Guide is about to be launched and it has been an absolute labour of love, says Marcia Margolius, well-known designer and decorator and author of the award-winning blog, “Marcia loves it”, on the SA Décor and Design website. 

“With our new-look Buyers’ Guide, we have transformed the way buyers connect with the finest suppliers and service providers in the industry”.

“This guide goes beyond highlighting suppliers; it’s a celebration of the talent and creativity that comes to life behind the scenes. Readers can immerse themselves in captivating projects and brands through vibrant full-colour photographs that showcase true artistry and craftsmanship.”

A true labour of love, the comprehensive guide is a 504-page tome showcasing the crème de la crème of high-end suppliers and retailers. 

To tie in with the brand’s phenomenal online presence, the printed guide also features a user-friendly system of icons that allows the reader to quickly identify the products available along with a convenient QR code for scanning to connect directly with suppliers.

“While the pandemic may have disrupted exhibitions and live shows, the industry itself adapted and remained as busy as ever, and it helped us to forge an entirely new path into the digital world,” Marcia explains. 

“Our website,, is the number one platform for the decor and design industry in South Africa, and our social media channels continue to grow from strength to strength.”

“We are undoubtedly the most comprehensive portal in the industry right now. Being an open platform (no registration or fees) is what makes this a winning concept. We have both the trade and end-user market sourcing from our platform as we’re the only hub that offers them a huge selection of suppliers, products and content, all in one fast, user-friendly digital home.”

“Our printed guide will only contribute to a richer user experience across multiple platforms.”

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